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They brought her to Agartala and started her treatment

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Although a charity has stepped in to help, Dhanika’s parents still need more funds as she only has a 10 percent chance of survival. While many of these can be treated, lack of access to effective diagnosis and financial constraints often means they have to face the ordeal for years to come.A six-year-old girl from Tripura is facing agony with bleeding and protruding eyes caused by a cancer which has left her blind. China CAGE NUT Suppliers The girl's parents aren't able to afford help from a specialist (Photo: YouTube) Several heartbreaking stories of children left in unimaginable pain due to rare conditions at a young age have been reported over the past few years.The girl was taken to several doctors due to itchy eyes but they sent her home with painkillers and anti-allergy tablets.

They brought her to Agartala and started her treatment, although the group hopes more people come forward to help fund the procedure. Related StoriesParents refuse to abandon child born with bulging eyes even as locals call it 'alien'Swaraj grants medical visa to Pak girl suffering from eye cancerMere seconds of solar gazing leaves woman with permanent eye injuries.While Dhanika’s parents took her to several doctors in her village, lack of facilities meant she was just given painkillers and anti-allergy medication for her problem. The condition of the child deteriorated fast after she suffered itchy eyes in November. The inability of her parents to afford help from a specialist made things worse for her. Her father is a daily wage labourer and her mother is a housewife who says that the child’s condition brings tears to her eyes.A local group United Tripasa Forum decided to help Dhanika as they found out that her parents had no knowledge of where to go and whom to seek assistance from

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