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The BJP government in Rajasthan is on its last legs

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As I imagined, hardly anybody had heard of these people. What would it not do to win the support of a large community in the hope that it could ride on its shoulders to electoral victory? It would do anything. We are breeding "brown shirts"!These are dangerous times, when we are treading very dangerous grounds. Vasundhra Raje looked as if she was blind and deaf and certainly mute as there wasn’t a peep out of her denouncing and disapproving of the violence perpetrated by this Karni Sena, not only in Rajasthan but in many other parts of the country.None of these governments looked at this theatre of the absurd playing out in their states.Cut to the Karni Sena.Who is the government patronising? And why are we voting for such a government? People who are reading this know well that the Karni Sena is not the first or the last of such organsations to be encouraged by the current government. Chief minister Manohar Lal Khattar too banned the film along with the other BJP-run states, desperate to garner the Rajput vote. Much like how Donald Trump patronises the people who want a white America. You only have to sit in on one conversation to know how corrupt the government is. Voluntary banning of the film by the government, not coming down heavily on the goons who have been taking the law into their own hands is all part of a deep-rooted strategy. They have been asking for Scheduled Caste status, just like the Meenas. (Photo: PTI) Allow me to draw this comparison. I heard one of them even address a television anchor as "baby".. Again, it is widely felt that it is going to be thrown Self-Chinching Nuts Manufacturers out of power..

The BJP government in Rajasthan is on its last legs. The people of the state are fed up of the corruption and abject lack of governance.Asked if the film would be banned in Madhya Pradesh, chief minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, fresh after a discussion on Surya Namaskar and Pranayam, said: "Jo kaha tha, wo hoga (What I had said.No political patronage makes for peaceful protests.Last, but not least, why forget the Haryana government — which has also lost the trust of the people? Each of these governments is on its way out. People saw that Mr Trump, presidential candidate, was associating with the people behind Alt-right. The state government does not need them in its kitty. Not at the obnoxious rates in some Delhi theatres. Let’s try and see why and how this "miracle" happened. Firefighters try to douse a fire after alleged activists of the Karni Sena torched a Haryana Roadways bus at NH-248 during a demonstration against the release of Padmaavat in Gurgaon recently.Look at the BJP government in Madhya Pradesh.The Rajputs will benefit hugely if the status is granted. And now? Not the just the entire nation, most likely the entire world knows about the Karni Sena. will happen). Men sporting huge headgear and handlebar moustaches got TV prime time and started to think they lived in a "goonda raj" where they were the key goondas. After all, they had the patronage of the government. Why? Because of the promise of state patronage.The question is — how wrong are they? It is a goonda raj in some places — with people taking to the streets as if it’s a matter of life or death. The visuals of children cowering in fear, crouched on the floor of the bu,s will haunt us for a long time. Now, perhaps, the BJP is hoping that it will get the Rajput vote in its kitty."The film, as we know, had got clearance from the CBFC after the change of title and modifications in the script.. The state was probably the first to ban the film from being screened by a government diktat. Each day brings forth new stories about unpardonable excesses by BJP-sponsored goons all over. Overnight, its footfall became a couple of million a week, increasing exponentially. How proactive has this government been in tackling the crisis perpetrated by the Sanjay Leela Bhansali film is something we have all seen.

They have been clutching at straws in the wind, and Sanjay Leela Bhansali gave them the Karni Sena. Steve Bannon, until recently White House chief strategist and chairman of Breitbart News, the organ of the Alt-right, the white supremacist group that he headed, and Paul Manafort, lawyer and Mr Trump’s campaign manager, are both out on their backsides now after being thrown out of Team Trump. How many of us had heard of it before the Padmaavat fracas? Raise your hands please. Funding began pouring in. Some protests were held where the protesters held placards asking for the film to be banned. But before they became hot potatoes for Mr Trump, their white supremacist outfit Alt-right had grown manifold.Cut to Tamil Nadu. They looked away. It didn’t matter that it was a rabid organisation that is exceptionally racist. Is this not "goonda raj" — where everybody is settling all matters on the streets? We are breeding goondas. The Rajputs will benefit hugely if the status is granted.The time has come to set things right.The BJP has had problems with the Rajputs. Millions of dollars were amassed. This is common knowledge.. The views expressed here are personal.Before Mr Trump took Steve Bannon on his team, Alt-right had a weekly visitor footfall of perhaps a few hundred. But this status is not an easy dole to give.The BJP government in Rajasthan stood shoulder to shoulder with the Karni Sena. They did not break or burn things. But over a silly movie which no one had even seen? How can this be acceptable, and how can this be allowed?Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s silence over the horrific incident of stone-pelting of a schoolbus in Gurgaon was stunning.The writer is the chairperson of the AICC grievance cell. It took the law in its hands. The film is showing peacefully. They threatened to lop off noses, to burn theatres and stopped traffic.So with such heavyweights behind them, the Karni Sena goons ran amuck. At the normal ticket prices. The Karni Sena suddenly became powerful. And it did. But this status is not an easy dole to give. To add insult to injury, the PM tweets about such an incident in another land far away, while ignoring this one

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The fact is that our foreign policy with Pakistan

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Nasser Khan Janjua (retd) met at an undisclosed destination in Bangkok, as part of, what was described as "operational level talks". The official spokesman of the ministry of external affairs does not have an easy job, and I should know because I have done that job myself when I was in the Indian Foreign Service.Jainism formulated this remarkable doctrine to counter dogmatism. The seven possibilities are: maybe it is; maybe it is not; maybe, it is, and it is not; maybe it is inexpressible; maybe, it is and is inexpressible; maybe, it is not and is inexpressible; maybe, it is and is not and is inexpressible. His response, however, took the diplomatic cake as far as words without meanings go: "We have said terror and talks cannot go together," he pronounced, "but talks on terror can definitely go ahead. The reason for this is the absence of strategic policy, and a resort to a never-ending series of ad hoc steps.Not surprisingly, Raveesh Kumar, the spokesman, was asked about this meeting, and how it had taken place when we have publicly said that "terror and talks cannot go together". Can we expect our foreign office to devise a strategic framework to deal with Pakistan, taking into account its internal situation, the level of ceasefire violations, the need for engagement, the importance of people-to-people contacts, the value of humanitarian gestures, the geo-political imperatives, including the role of China, and developments in Afghanistan, while retaining a firm riposte to Pakistan sponsored terrorism?Given our track record thus far, it seems a tall order.

Since terrorism is the reason why we put talks with Pakistan on hold, what does a statement mean when it says that terrorism will be the reason why talks "can definitely go ahead"?Since I am reluctant to attribute a complete lack of strategic clarity to the MEA, I am inclined to believe that the statement it put out represents one of the best examples of the philosophical ambivalence of Hindu metaphysics, wherein empirical reality exists as maya at one level, and does not at another level wherein all is subsumed in the attribute-less omnipresence of Brahman. What appears as real is unreal; what appears to be unreal is actually the real. The universe is a conjurer’s play, where contradictions that seem to exist are an invention of the mind.It appears that the only policy we have to our western neighbour is the absence of policy, both in the short and mid-term, and to lurch along from one event to another, alternating mindless bravado at one level and surreptitious talks at another. It was not an easy question to answer, and certainly, Mr Kumar was not the maker of the policy that had put him in this predicament. If we need to review our earlier policy of suspending the formal dialogue process with Pakistan, we should do so in a carefully calibrated manner.The fact of the matter is that our foreign policy with Pakistan is replete with unpardonable contradictions, and zig-zags in policy formulations that would leave even our most insightful metaphysicians stumped. But simultaneously, it asserted that talks can happen on the issue of terrorism. At a philosophical level this revolt against absolutism is enshrined in the saptabhangi or seven step theory whose purpose is to establish that only a singular assertion of reality can be deceptive. Gen. Until then, our hapless foreign office spokesman will have no option but to forget foreign policy and adopt the wondrous ambivalences of philosophy. On December 26, 2017, national security adviser Ajit Doval and his Pakistani counterpart Lt. On the other hand, if our policy remains one of no talks unless Pakistan sponsored terrorism ceases — or at least reduces — then talks without talks in the manner in which our NSAs met in Bangkok makes a mockery of that decision.

The fact is that our foreign policy with Pakistan is replete with unpardonable contradictions, and zig-zags in policy formulations that would leave even our most insightful metaphysicians stumped. He or she has to often try and convincingly explain foreign policy decisions that are ab initio inexplicable. In support of such a carefully thought-out doctrine of relativity, Jainism cites the parable of seven blind men examining an elephant, and depending on what part they are in touch with, arriving at a different conclusion of what it is. Engagement has its own dividends, provided it is carried out in a way that is anticipated and planned for. Opposites are subsumed in a larger unity, known only to the one who knows, but opaque to the mundane world. The saptabhangi for our foreign policy with Pakistan is: talks with Pakistan cannot happen; talks with Pakistan can happen; talks with Pakistan cannot happen unless Pakistan agrees to stop its sponsorship of terrorism; talks with Pakistan can happen because Pakistan will not stop its sponsorship of terrorism; if NSAs of the two countries — arguably the most influential interlocutors from either side — meet, they met, but Wholesale Steel Rivet Nuts talks did not happen; if talks did not happen, then presumably they visited Bangkok coincidentally at the same time to take a respite from the cold of Delhi and Islamabad; talks, until terrorism stops have no meaning, but NSAs can meet to see if talks can have meaning. All binaries are false and all binaries are true."This statement must rank as a classic of self-contradictory assertion. In such a philosophical vision, talks with Pakistan do not happen even when they happen, and happen even when the official policy remains that they cannot happen!Or, perhaps, our foreign office has borrowed the sublime notion of syadavada of Jain philosophy. Everything depends on the vision of the observer; negation is assertion, and assertion is negation.Our foreign office seems to have adopted it to hide the complete absence of strategic clarity. end-of Tags: ajit doval, nasser khan janjua. It accepted that talks will not be resumed so long as terrorism from across the border ceases. While the US can play a key role in putting pressure on Pakistan on its nexus with terrorism, a country of the prowess and size of India cannot expect others to do for it what it refuses to do itself. Our foreign office seems to have adopted it to hide the complete absence of strategic clarity

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The dead weight of poor governance practices

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For the average citizen, criminality is far more worrying than corruption. But the steps towards building a more responsible banking culture, to avoid reoccurrence, are not yet visible. Turning up the heat on corruption has become the leitmotif of the BJP government.Democracy is about winning elections, forming stable governments, governing efficiently and ensuring justice. But this requires a change in ideology to put Blind Rivet Nut supplier growth with jobs and a crackdown on criminality first. But they also value and actively guard their rights.Democracy is about winning elections, forming stable governments, governing efficiently and ensuring justice. The Modi government has made some lateral appointments at the highest level. Allowing the overvalued rupee to realign with its real value can boost exports to meet reviving overseas demand and level the playing field for domestic producers versus seemingly cheap imports.But this is being uncharitable to the BJP government.Poor infrastructure and high transaction costs are another drag on growth. A government which does not consistently impose the rule of law uniformly loses credibility over time. Reforming the government — a long-delayed, unpleasant, plumbing task — is one way to reduce the starkness of the tradeoff as it exists today. The minorities are caught in the "appeasement"and "alienation" paradox.5 per cent growth and the terminal year of the Narendra Modi government — Fiscal 2019 — with seven per cent.More must be done to reduce the drag of widespread criminality. Switching escalators can help. China faces potential social unrest — a drag on growth. But a comprehensive policy for reforming government appointments is sorely needed.Growth has taken a hit. Admittedly, his supporters are overwhelmingly upper and middle-caste Hindus, though a tentative outreach to the lower castes, dalits and tribals has started. At some point, an efficient and purposeful tradeoff can be made between higher growth and more rounded social and economic outcomes, like social protection and investing in human development. We need more specialised skills, directly linked to service delivery — nurses, doctors, teachers, engineers, accountants, tax professionals and lawyers. Two new beginnings would, however, be welcome.Second, there is a yawning gap between the proactivity of government in ending corruption and the business-as-usual approach to ending criminality. The average growth will then be one percentage point lower than under the previous government — a point Dr Manmohan Singh repeatedly emphasises to show that this government is only about hype. Reforming the election system to root out criminals; working with the Supreme Court to reform the dilatory judicial process and speed up the delivery of justice; enlarging the reach of judicial services; and reforming the police and prosecution systems are critical to reduce the drag imposed by shoddy implementation of the rule of law. Higher allocations of public finance for infrastructure; doubling the rate of highway development; modernising ports and railways; tripling the number of airports connected with regular flights; promoting the free flow of goods across state borders, are positive steps to reduce the drag on growth. We are still very far from being China, where even the option to navigate this tradeoff does not exist. We cannot afford another drag on growth. First, citizens like an effective government. Quixotically, the levels of public trust and credibility that Prime Minister Narendra Modi has generated, within India and abroad, is unprecedented since the days of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru. Growth has been affected because drags like the accumulated stressed assets of banks trap them into recycling credit to discredited corporate borrowers to keep the accounts "healthy", crowding out credit to others, who could build the future.The dead weight of poor governance practices and a predilection for unorthodox solutions, to show quick results, create a drag on its otherwise creditable efforts — just like a person running up the down escalator.First, steps to compensate for the collateral damage caused to business, employment and incomes by hurried attempts to show results and win elections.

This is slowly being rectified. Making a colonial-style government gallop often means cutting corners and turning a blind eye to the encroachment of citizens’ rights. Growth is just one of the metrics of good governance. The open economy model spits out growth but often without jobs and with growing inequality, corruption and criminality. The BJP is less ideologically committed to social and religious diversity than it is to forge a uniform national identity — China style. The djinns unleashed by allowing hired goons to massacre Sikhs in 1984 or by allowing kar sevaks to bring down the Babri Masjid in December 1992 still haunt us. Fiscal 2018 will end with a probable 6. Their "alienation" today is explained as an inevitable consequence of ending the practice of "appeasement" of earlier governments, to retain them as votebanks.Job creation is doing worse than growth, increasing inequality, because jobs in services and manufacturing are being axed at the middle and lower end. Even in agriculture, higher productivity will depend on using machines for tasks currently done by humans, and changing regulations to allow leasing-in land for scaled-up commercial farming — again at the expense of jobs. (Photo: PTI) The Narendra Modi government poses two conundrums to citizens. 2018 should be devoted to consolidation of ongoing initiatives rather than the scheme-a-month, headline-grabbing strategy of the past three years. Better talent can be attracted by linking salary and benefits to specific positions, filled through open competition, rather than through a cadre, as they are today. Reversing the trend of declining public sector employment could help. Second, defined pathways to reaffirm the wider social compact between the government and all citizens. The costly demonetisation exercise; the rapid rolling out of the GST despite the associated implementation glitches; the strong action against corporate founders defaulting on bank loans or short-changing customers and suppliers; rapid financial inclusion and the promotion of bank and digital financial transactions rather than use of cash — all these are initial steps towards combating corruption, increasing tax revenues and improving corporate governance. The BJP government has shown it can do three of the four very well.2017 was a year of significant disruption and of useful beginnings. The BJP is less ideologically committed to social and religious diversity than it is to forge a uniform national identity — China style

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They brought her to Agartala and started her treatment

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Although a charity has stepped in to help, Dhanika’s parents still need more funds as she only has a 10 percent chance of survival. While many of these can be treated, lack of access to effective diagnosis and financial constraints often means they have to face the ordeal for years to come.A six-year-old girl from Tripura is facing agony with bleeding and protruding eyes caused by a cancer which has left her blind. China CAGE NUT Suppliers The girl's parents aren't able to afford help from a specialist (Photo: YouTube) Several heartbreaking stories of children left in unimaginable pain due to rare conditions at a young age have been reported over the past few years.The girl was taken to several doctors due to itchy eyes but they sent her home with painkillers and anti-allergy tablets.

They brought her to Agartala and started her treatment, although the group hopes more people come forward to help fund the procedure. Related StoriesParents refuse to abandon child born with bulging eyes even as locals call it 'alien'Swaraj grants medical visa to Pak girl suffering from eye cancerMere seconds of solar gazing leaves woman with permanent eye injuries.While Dhanika’s parents took her to several doctors in her village, lack of facilities meant she was just given painkillers and anti-allergy medication for her problem. The condition of the child deteriorated fast after she suffered itchy eyes in November. The inability of her parents to afford help from a specialist made things worse for her. Her father is a daily wage labourer and her mother is a housewife who says that the child’s condition brings tears to her eyes.A local group United Tripasa Forum decided to help Dhanika as they found out that her parents had no knowledge of where to go and whom to seek assistance from

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The centre console features a clean and sculpted

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The centre console features a clean and sculpted design and houses the gear lever, 4x4 shifter and parking brake.0-litre turbocharged inline 4-cylinder petrol and the existing 3.6-litre Pentastar V6 petrol engine producing 200PS/460Nm and 284PS/347Nm respectively.0-litre EcoDiesel V6, a 2.10 front and rear axle ratio is standard along with Tru-Lok locking differentials. Steel Open Blind Rivets Wrangler is offered with three engine options - a 3.Currently, the Wrangler offered in India is the Wrangler Unlimited, which is priced at Rs 56 lakh and Rs 64.0-litre engine will be available starting 2019.4-inch touchscreen infotainment system which comes equipped with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Christened "the most capable SUV ever", the American manufacturer, Jeep, has kept us intrigued by dropping its exterior and interior shots ahead of the official unveil.0-, 7. The instrument cluster is also new and features a 7-inch (3. The approach angle of 44 degrees, breakover angle of 27. The new Wrangler boasts of a ground clearance of 276mm and water wading depth of 762mm. All of this has been made possible because of the large 33-inch off-road tyres.com It also gets a 5. The Wrangler 4-door models will also be available in the aforementioned trims along with a Sahara configuration as well.6-litre Pentastar V6 petrol engine. In addition to this, the rake of the windshield has changed as well and now features a new bolt design at the bottom which lets you fold the windshield.Power from the engines will be sent to the wheels by two different 4x4 systems- Command-Trac and Rock-Trac. The Rock-Trac system is available only with Rubicon models which in all likeliness will not make it to India though we dearly hope they do.0-litre EcoDiesel V6, a 2. The new Wrangler is being produced at its Toledo, Ohio, facility and will go sale in January 2018 in the USA.On the safety front, Jeep claims the Wrangler has been equipped with 75 safety and security features. The new Wrangler continues to get dozens of different door, top and windshield combinations. Rock-Trac features heavy-duty Dana 44 front and rear axles with a "4LO" ratio of 4:1. However, the round LED headlamps now intersect with the outer slats.Talking about the design, it gets the signature 7-slat grille up front.8 degrees, and departure angle of 37 degrees are all better than the previous generation SUV.

Command-Trac gets a two-speed transfer case with a 2.8-litre diesel engine. But this time around, it gets a five-link suspension system which promises to make the new Wrangler a better off-roader while increasing safety for the passengers.72:1 low-range gear ratio and front and rear axles with a 3 Jeep has officially unveiled the 2018 Wrangler at the ongoing Los Angeles Auto Show.2018 Jeep Wrangler 2-door model is available in three different trim configurations: Sport, Sport S and Rubicon. A 4. However, some bits like the round AC vents and high-mounted dashboard look familiar.Like every Wrangler before it, the new one too is based on a body-on-frame design. These engines are mated to a 5-speed manual transmission with Command-Trac 4x4 system which sends power to all four wheels. Available features include Blind-spot Monitoring and Rear Cross Path detection, ParkView rear backup camera with dynamic grid lines, electronic stability control (ESC) with electronic roll mitigation and four standard airbags.Wrangler builds on its legacy and is now improved in terms of off-roading capabilities, interior comfort and safety.3.0- or an 8.Like the exterior, the cabin of the 2018 Wrangler has been refreshed as well and looks way more modern than before. To make the new Wrangler is lighter without compromising on strength, Jeep has used lightweight aluminium for the doors, hinges, bonnet, etc.5-inch in lower models) driver information display which shows information such as tyre pressure, speed and media playback.

The 2018 Wrangler is offered with three engine options - a 3.0-litre turbocharged inline 4-cylinder petrol and the existing 3. India is the only market which gets the 2. Now, for the ‘heart’ of the matter.6-litre Pentastar V6 petrol engine, which has been updated for the new SUV.4 lakh for petrol and diesel variant respectively. So, when the updated Wrangler is launched in India, we expect it to be in later half of 2018 and, it will most likely attract a premium over the current modelSource: ZigWheels. To further shed weight, the Wrangler gets hollow track and stabiliser bars along with aluminium engine mounts and steering gear. In India, the Wrangler Unlimited is offered with a 2.45 rear axle ratio, and is available only in Standard and Sahara models. A new half-door design will be available starting from 2019.8-litre diesel and the 3

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The designing happened organically

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Kresha is the daughter of Kishore Bajaj, a name synonymous with the hospitality industry. Vanraj is a certified dive master. "He told me that I should be the best in whatever I choose to do. I was at a friend’s party and didn’t know anyone there and that’s where I bumped into Vanraj. The young couple loves to take off on diving holidays in exotic locations. "It is just something my parents made up," she says a tad amused. He started young and didn’t get through college. It is common to eat whale meat in Japan, and often times, dolphin meat is passed off as whale meat. Her wedding lehenga had a love story woven into it. Working with brides can be a nightmare, but I have become patient over time," says the 29-year-old designer who has a soft spot for her love story lehengas inspired by her own wedding lehenga.Besides her passion for designing, Kresha loves to spend time with her hubby and her dog. Today, if my karigars leave, I can simply take over from them. But fate dictated otherwise. She’s a fashion designer who married a jeweller. China insert nut Factory I decided to have a protest on Japan’s dolphin slaughter day in Mumbai. And now, Kresha Bajaj who has designed Telugu star, Samantha Ruth Prabhu’s wedding outfit talks about her journey so far. The remaining are killed for consumption. Likewise, Vanraj would refer his bridal clients to me, so it became inevitable for us to work together," recounts Kresha, whose name incidentally doesn’t have a meaning. That’s why I spent eight years studying fashion. Next, we plan to go to Raja Ampat, a diving island in Indonesia," she adds. Dolphin meat has high levels of mercury and causes mercury poisoning. The actress had stated that she had blind faith in Kresha. After I saw this documentary, I couldn’t sleep for nights, and I did some research, contacted Richard O Barry, the founder of the Dolphin Projection. I can handle everything.

The couple, who tied the knot in 2016, decided to put their creative synergies to good use as they organised a joint pop-up in April this year. "We went to Maldives for our anniversary and lived on a small boat. We got chatting, and I told him about my plans. Her husband Vanraj comes from the prestigious House of Zaveris. "We connected ‘coz of our love for animals. Being two creative souls, one would assume they met over a fashion pop-up somewhere. Kresha has recently taken over her dad Kishore Bajaj’s men’s line too, and fondly narrates the life altering advice he gave her. They both hail from Mumbai’s socially prominent families. I would show them my wedding jewellery which was designed by Vanraj and they loved it. I spent three years at the London College of Fashion, and then I did a year at Parsons Institute, NYC and followed it by another stint at the Los Angeles Fashion Institute of Design. So when I decided to get into fashion, he told me you must learn to make the pattern, cut and stitch the outfit, learn to market the product and manage the business yourself. It appears to be a mutal admiration society as Kresha adds, "Samantha is a good friend, we are like two peas in a pod, exactly the same kind of aesthetic…

The designing happened organically and it was a fuss free experience. He faced a lot of challenges in his business because he was dependent on other people. "There are dolphins jumping up and down on the hem of my lehenga and it took me three months to design as I wove my love story into it," she says. Otherwise you are better off working for someone. I watched a documentary called Cove which depicted how in Taiji, Japan, a large number of dolphins are captured to be placed in water parks.Kresha was recently in the news for having designed the wedding outfits of Telugu star Samantha Ruth Prabhu. I’m not fully dependant on anyone," she asserts.Being two creative souls, one would assume they met over a fashion pop-up somewhere. He is also passionate about animals and instantly wanted to join me on this protest," she recollects in a telephonic chat from Mumbai. "I had brides coming to me for offbeat designs, and they were very clear they didn’t want the regular polki and diamond wedding jewellery. All we did was wake up, dive, have breakfast, dive, have lunch, dive, and sometimes even did night diving

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